Our History

The history of our parish dates back to the earliest Greek immigrants to Rhode Island. To read more about our parish history, as well as that of other Greek Orthodox communities in the area, click the link below.

The Greek People in Rhode Island - 1993 by Rev. Stephen Kyriakou and Venetia Georas, M.D.

To access an interactive timeline which compiles information from the above source, our 75th and Centennial books, as well as information gathered via parishioner submissions, click this link: Annunciation Cranston History.

Our parish has had a very vibrant past, as can be seen in the images below. Keep an eye out for new history posts on our Facebook page and Instagram page on Thursdays. Also, feel free to submit your own stories or photographs to be added to the parish collection by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in assisting in the continuing project of archiving and documenting the historical photograph collection, please contact Nicholas Lambros.

40th Anniversary for Fr. Andrew George

The history project featured prominently in the testimonial luncheon for Fr. Andrew's 40th anniversary at our parish. Both the tribute to Fr. Andrew himself and Presbytera Maria can be found below:


Parishioner Nicholas Lambros was interviewed on August 5, 2022 by Meleti Pouliopoulos of Grecian Echoes radio in Boston about this project. To listen, click the video below:


Arrival of Father Thomas PapageorgiouFr. Nikephoros Pavlou

First Liturgy on Pine Street

Historical List of Clergy

Fr. Thomas Papageorgiou (Papageorge) 1908-1910

Fr. Polycarpos Marinakis 1910-1912

Fr. Germanos Papaioannou (Papajohn) (Archimandrite) 1912-1915

Fr. Polycarpos Marinakis 1915-1919

Fr. Agathangelos Georgakopoulos (Archimandrite) 1919-1920

Fr. Nikephoros Pavlou 1920

Fr. Kyriakos Kyriakou 1921

Fr. Panteleimon (Peter) Mihailides 1921-1956

Fr. Demetrios Papalambros 1955

Fr. James Limberakis 1955-1971

Fr. Constantine Xanthakis 1971-1975

Fr. Stephen Kyriacou 1976-1982

Fr. Andrew George 1983-Present

Fr. Constantine Cambas 2004-2005

Fr. Emanuel Chris 2005-2018

Fr. Nicholas Lanzourakis 2018-Present

Historical Locations of Parish

Inn on Pine Street, Providence 1905

Meeting Room at Exchange Place, Providence 1906-1911

Old Swedish Church, 333 Smith Street, Providence 1911-1921

264 Pine Street, Providence 1921-1968

175 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston 1968-Present